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Cold water, beach fires and empty waves

Although San Francisco is a big sports town, it has never been considered a place known for its surf.  Despite that, surfing in San Francisco has been around longer than the Giants, Warriors, or 49ers.   In the film GREAT HIGHWAY, the northern California surf tribe offers their unique perspective on the history and future of surfing.  The cast is full of characters made up of former firemen, lifeguards, or swimmers, who all appreciated the beach lifestyle without warm water or sunny weather. 

GREAT HIGHWAY traces the history of San Francisco surfing and the beach lifestyle from past to present and explores the changes that time reveals. The history is told by those who lived it, from the lifeguards at the historic Fleishhacker Swimming Pool to surfing pioneer and wet suit developer Jack O'Neill, to the kids growing up surfing the Bay Area today.

the film


We are very grateful for the cast of GREAT HIGHWAY listed below.  They shared their stories and took time to be a part of this project of telling the history of San Francisco surfing. We thank everyone on this list for contributing their time and energy to bring this story to life.

Mozelle Angel
Bill Bergerson
Christian Bertsch
Robert "Birdlegs" Caughlan
Nancy Chan
Jeff Clark
Billy Connell
Bob Cunningham
Rick Eastman
Joe Flahavan
Tim Flannery
Mick Fanning
Frank Glynn
Marc Grabinsky
Joe Grochowski
Bill Hickey
Michael Ho
JImmy Holt
miranda Joseph
John kaplanis
bruce jenkins
Dick Keating
shona keating
bob keating
steven "zen buddha" krolik
woody labounty
rich klein
dennis lewis
mike lewis
Pat Lewis
Jack LaLanne
Dave Lomski
Matt Lopez
Stephen Lowry
Rod Lundquist
Kevin Lorne
Sam Manzano
Bill Martin
Marty Magnussen
Ed McDonough
Dave Mojas
Alex Matienzo
Andy Olive
Jack O'Neill
Marty Murphy
Joel Parkinson
Miguel Pupo
George Orbelian
Mark Renneker
Rudolf Richards
Sean Scallan
Scott Schofield
Carol Schuldt
Dave Schmidt
Matthew Shelton
James Tolentino
David Shapiro
Fred Van Dyke
Bob Wise
Jin An "Arne" Wong
Owen Wright
Dave Zarate


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